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Fun fact: when they tell you to turn off all personal electronic devices on a plane during takeoff, it has absolutely nothing to do with interference. Think about it, if you live in a big city, or even in a town with like, more than two people in it, your phone is being exposed to likely thousands if not millions of stray signals every day, and it can block them out just fine, of course multi-million dollar airliners can do the same. If that wasn't the case, planes would drop out of the sky every time they flew over any land that wasn't completely uninhabited. All airports would have to be in the middle of the desert, or in some other remote corner of absolutely nowhere, just to not be death traps for any plane trying to make a landing.

The real reason is just because they want you to pay attention during the safety demonstration.


March 22, 2018 at 4:16am
actually, its not that phones do interfere with plane guidance systems, its the fact that they have the potential to.

there has been no recorded incidents where a phone was the primary cause, and most if not all planes operate on a frequency different to the frequency regular phone use, however in a situation where a system error can kill a hundred people, it makes sense to eliminate as many variables to ensure the safety of everyone om board

but yeah you still do meed to pay attention to the safety demo and also pretty rude to the passengers near you yknow