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(enters without knocking)
YO whats ur favorite yes album???


July 22, 2018 at 2:32am
welcome to my humble abode :3c

here's my top 3:

-magnification (aka the album where instead of a keyboardist they had an entire orchestra and oh my god it's incredible)
-the ladder (one of those rare times when i love every single song on an album)
-drama (two words: machine messiah)

and special mention to 90125 bc it was the first one i listened to :'D
July 22, 2018 at 11:26am
NOICE i hadnt actually listened to magnification before, after just pumping my ears full of it damn it is so cool
the ladder is so good!! finally is my favorite track, its so Triumphant. normally im kinda leery of older bands continuing to make records cause theyre usually... not good imo lol but yes had some great stuff in the 90s.
drama is an interesting one for me, cause its their only album without my boi jon anderson so it took me a while to be like "yes... this is yes" but dude machine messiah!!!! thats a frickin song and a half. i also really like tempus fugit (steve howe's guitar slays me). id say run through the light is my fav, i love the way all the instruments, especially the drums and bass, interact with each other, it kind of gives the song a sense of motion or smth, idk how to explain it, but it reminds me of space rock like hawkwind or bands like that.
i think a few yes albums, mainly drama and 90125, have an almost industrial-like quality to them. looking back on their 70s stuff, its a big contrast, but they never lose their spirit, yanno?? very interesting to see how a prog rock band actually successfully transitioned into the 80's and beyond.
July 22, 2018 at 1:48pm
i love you and your essay (like honestly you're like the only person aside from my mom who willingly talks to me about this band and i'm so glad to be able to talk to you!!)

ahhh i'm happy you liked magnification!! that one is so special to me, whenever a song from it comes up on shuffle it just turns my entire day around no matter how bad it's been :'D same thing with the ladder, too. and yesss finally is such a great song! i think my faves on that one are homeworld and new language but it's so hard to pick when i love them all haha

yeah there's a lot of mixed opinions about drama out there but imo it's so underrated *o* (me, pleading with the masses: pls give my boy trevor a chance) and hell yeah tempus fugit!! getting to hear that song in concert back in 2015 was like the highlight of my life, steve howe is still kicking my ass with those incredible skills at the age of 70-something and boy i die

i think i'm def more into their 80s-90s albums just bc i like more hard rock sounding stuff but tbh i love everything lmao even with their newest album (heaven and earth), which seems pretty universally hated bc 1) no jon, and 2) it's a lot more light and mellow than any of their other albums, i still enjoyed it a lot. it's just inspiring to me to see a band staying active and making new music for so many years, y'know? ;v;

which albums have you listened to already, and what's your fave? O: (also i'm shooting you a friend request on discord so if you wanna talk more there (where it's a bit easier for me to type lol) hit me up!)
July 22, 2018 at 3:15pm
essay part 2 coming shortly im gonna hit u up on discord :3