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Rewrite Log: 2019/07/07
LotE 33
  • Revised/expanded dialogue in first half
    to focus on the current situation and not just Sparktail's angst
  • Reflects Slick "usurping" the Exile's mantle and not time traveling
  • Thalia's emotions are more complex
  • Explains that Giratina can't use the Virtues' power and is clearly retreating
  • Leads into Volume IV more smoothly. Shock volunteers to take a patrol into Hoenn because Scarlet's meteors subsided.
  • Better foreshadowing for the will of the wild, as well as the post-war Hoenn. Suicune says that kill-or-be-killed is not Giratina's ideal but the natural order


July 7, 2019 at 9:41am
I blame anime