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Shoutout to Maestracool for reading WoV and LotE, among several other fics this past month, she helped me clean up a fair bit of clutter in both stories. Route 50, AO3,, and Weebly should all be current; WattPad may get updated at a future date. Most of the edits were typos or incomplete rewrites, but here are some of the major revisions over the past few weeks:
  • Fixed WoV inconsistencies of referring to Japan by various other names (Kyokujitsu, Seven Regions, Yamato, etc.) Just Japan now.
  • Fixed up Insyte's dialogues with Embyr and Shanala to make Insyte's confession to Shanala less jarring. Rather than seeming to rebound instantly, Insyte
  • Rewrote some dialogue between Sparktail and Shanala to show that Shanala is still transitioning to the queen role
  • Edited Shock's patrol arriving in Slateport; Skarmories get chased off by anti-air Magmortars instead of somehow sticking around, Shock doesn't randomly go AWOL, characters who shouldn't be present are no longer present
  • Wrote a new part featuring Ketrail, the Zigzagoon in Shock's patrol, who previously had no backstory. Ketrail meets his mother, Kayla, who is unhappy that her son is a soldier now. This was originally planned to be a Bonus Story, but there simply wasn't enough content.
  • Expanded Shock's and Amber's dialogue a bit for more tsundere. Also made it more obvious that the Daycare egg is Amber's
  • Fleshed out a conversation between Altaria and Shock that was originally written recap-style.
  • Reworked the flow of the final battle. Rather than trying to pass off shooting the Virtues to Sparktail, Thalia jumps in to save Sparktail and is burned, which awakens the Red Orb inside her. Also clarified that Sparktail recalls the tactic that Red's Pikachu used, rather than pulling the idea out of nowhere. Incidentally, the lightning strike awakens the Blue Orb inside him
  • Rewrote Amber's epilogue so that she spends it with Magik instead of Wyrn, to avoid seemingly implying Amber/Wyrn


August 31, 2019 at 7:56pm
Unfinished sentence at the end of at second bullet point
August 31, 2019 at 8:53pm
September 2, 2019 at 11:45pm
Now you have to rewrite the rewrite summary, and do a rewrite summary for that.
September 2, 2019 at 11:53pm
This sounds like something I would do