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And as for the new scene in chapter 35:

"Hey, you." The Raichu's eyes flew open as he heard a voice from behind, one paw to his sword's hilt, and he whirled around to see a Linoone standing there, perched on her hind legs, staring at him with suspicious, wary eyes.

"You're blocking the way." Sparktail glanced back into the laboratory, this time noticing a red blanket coated with brown and white fur. Nodding apologetically, the Raichu quickly stepped aside so that the Linoone could walk inside. "Thank you."

"Mom?" said a voice. The Linoone froze, and Sparktail turned around. Standing behind them was Ketrail.

"Ketrail!" gasped the Linoone, catching the Zigzagoon in a hug. "You're alive... thank the gods..."

She sniffed him, and her eyes narrowed. "Something's not right. I smell war and death on you." The Linoone stared at Ketrail. "Don't tell me you're a soldier now?" The Zigzagoon's eyes widened.

Stepping back, the Linoone turned to face Sparktail. "My name's Kayla," said the Linoone. "Ketrail's father died years ago. I did my best to raise him myself. But he wasn't comfortable like this. So he left home."

Sparktail was at a loss for words. Shock ought to be the one present, not him. "He's doing okay, I think," he finally managed to say.

"I don't need your reassurance," said Kayla coolly. "I'm glad to see Ketrail again. But I wanted better for him. War? Invasion? That's no way to live." She pointed at Sparktail, and the Raichu's body tingled cold. "You're the Elite's Raichu, aren't you? A fighter like you wouldn't understand the joy of a normal life."

The Raichu stumbled back, shocked. "Mom, it's okay!" cried Ketrail. "They're not the bad ones who killed the professor. We're going to save Hoenn, I promise!"

Kayla shook her head. "Soldiers always bring trouble, Ketrail. It doesn't matter what side you pick." She closed her eyes, tears leaking out. "Ketrail, you're finally home. But why? Why like this?"