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WHERE R U BRO... calling to Outer Space... r u like alone in some kind of satellite space station... pls,,


December 6, 2019 at 6:57pm
BRO IM space station is barely functioning ; i am in deep space but i am here beeping 2 u so sorry luv u :'<
December 10, 2019 at 12:51am
bro... how stressful is ur course load?? u ok? do keep some time for urself pls... r u going to be ok next year? u can reduce it then right? or r u doomed
pls dont overwork urself u won't have any energy to do other things that u want or that r good for u ok

BTW what u doing for christmas?? gonna have fun? take a break? whats ur christmas present for urself (u know im gonna talk about money somehow)? spending time w/ family? pls tell me i am alon
December 16, 2019 at 4:14pm
i'm ok!!! i made it through!!! sorry i haven't been on discord in forever.. i have not been budgeting my time well at all it has been really tough but im turning in my last assignment in less than 24 hours so after that it'll be good and im fine for another 3 weeks!!!! my christmas plans are pretty dismal, ill be here probably just spending time w my mom, christmas gift for myself might end up being some books?? maybe 2. i hope

bro.... r u good?? r u ok ? love you a lot im sorry i poofed
December 16, 2019 at 9:54pm
BRO u better enjoy that 3 weeks. dont u DARE get stressed. actually dont even look at ur phone or computer ever unless its something that makes u happy I Will Come Over There..... haha not rly tho i guess u gotta look at them sometimes. gotta check ur emails. ur txts. but still... have fun out there
my man. u have so many messages on discord. when u get back?? ol lyle says u gonna get SWAMPED. by messages. ur just gonna die. drown in about 3 months of me, me talking about my finances. social security. complaining. u better be prepared. for the storm. ol lyle's telling ya

lol u know my typing pattern has changed a lot. im so casual now. ahhh, i remember when I wrote grammar... actually my linguistics teacher says that this is just modern grammar. new social speaking. evolving language. likin' it. its positive vibes, understanding.
ANYWAYS bro u gotta like, not take too many courses again. learn from me, pls. I have taken ONLY 3 courses this year. even as a full-time student. just 3. was like, 'if i like my workload and think i can and want to handle MORE then i'll consider enrolling for 1 more subject that I enjoy (/enjoy/)'. not even 'i'll take one more subject if i think i can handle it.' subjects I liKe.... maybe vis design. but not graphics tablet so
still, feel a little sad that i'm not taking geo/politics/economics or w/e. subjects i'm interested in and are relevant to my goals. like, will i regret this...??
but i mean... i guess it's good to have fun. I can just take them when I've got everything else more sorted out instead of 5 intensive subjects and my life in Shambles. Right....??? hah,...

my christmas plans were pretty much, the same as always... nothin to do, spend it like any other day but no shops open. but now i'm going over with my extended fam pal over to another region, and gonna spend some time with his family! pretty nice right?? have not rly done this for as long as i can remember. wow... i usually dont do anything on christmas. lol.
also wanted to get my mother a present. saw this PERFECT bag for her... but with her and my financial situations it's just not, too feasibly y'know?? man it was SO perfect for her. but im also lol kinda angry that I have to give her money right now so I wouldn't be able to do that and buy a bag on top of that. but i did buy something for myself which was more expensive (although i did save way more money on it) so i feel... a little... sad about that. coulda done it y'know?? well what's really stopping me is that it's just gone from the site. gonE... since they change styles like every week and go out of stock i mean... u know.
so ANYWAYS. typing on a keyboard is fun. click clack... faster than mobile. which makes my hands hurt bc tiny screen. discord doesn't have horizontal screen does it? so.

ANYWAYS!! we should talk more often! if u want i'll just like send u a letter on rt 50 for now if ur busy. but it rly is me just complaining about money and australia/nz differences/social welfare system. several lines at a time. or just in a deluge of info. lol.
rly want to send u a gift bro. but yeah. maybe next year y'know?? luv u lots too

also what u studying next year. wrote all this but now need to know. dOn't make same mistake. super curious
luv ya

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