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The Omnipotence Paradox: could god create a door so complicated that even he himself could not figure out how to open it?


November 11, 2020 at 4:27am
To me this seems related to the grandfather paradox. Could you go back in time, kill your own grandfather and therefore not be able to go back in time (assuming the past influences the present, that is)? You certainly couldn't go back in time if you had killed your grandfather, because you wouldn't exist - so if you do go back in time, it's only because you did not kill him.

Likewise, I think the only way this can make sense is if God's omnipotence does not contradict itself, but offers consistent solutions. God could only create a a door so complicated that he couldn't open it if he did not actually go ahead and create it, for if he did, he wouldn't be omnipotent.

Mind: bent! However I think it's entirely more likely that time travel that affects the future would be impossible, and that God being omnipotent in that sense is also impossible.
October 31, 2020 at 11:09am
One theory is that god is simply a philosophical personification of all matter/energy in the universe, so the true nature of god's omnipotence is that "anything that ever happens can be considered god's work". However, you would still need some another party to act as as "god's medium" to build the door. Since this party would know the design of the door, they would presumably also know how to dismantle the door.

Separately, any object, including a door, can be opened if you hit it hard enough, say with a very heavy object. Since the question is about "figuring out" how to open the door and not about actually doing it, we can include impractical solutions such as missiles, nukes, or as a last resort, throwing a ping-pong-sized black hole with the Earth's mass.
October 31, 2020 at 11:10am
I said "dismantle" in the first paragraph, but I meant "open". My mind isn't awake